# 1 ) MULTIPLE MUSICAL THEMES:  No more will you, your staff, or your regulars have to endure hearing the same style of music showcasing the exact same songs (and many times in the same order) night after night and week after week!  RICK THE SHAKER plays what you and your clientele want to hear.  Simply great sounding popular hits (Rock, Acoustic, Blues, Country & Dance (R&B, Jazz, Reggae & Oldies genres) that you’ve come to know & enjoy (with new songs being added to the setlist weekly) so that each show has enough variety in it to keep everybody’s interest, and at the same time, not being sure of what they’ll hear next!

# 2 ) COST EFFECTIVENESS:  Just when you thought you either couldn’t afford to have live music in your establishment or only live music on weekends, RICK THE SHAKER now makes things possible again.  Simply put, you receive a well rehearsed “Full Band Sound” without the Full Band Price!  RICK THE SHAKER is competitively priced to help curb the cost of any entertainment budget, and besides, why pay more when you can have the same for less?!

# 3 ) TOTAL CONTROL OVER VOLUME:  Never worry if it will be too loud ever again!  This is largely due to RICK THE SHAKER'S ability, to provide rich sound quality of a full band at ANY volume level, by means of carefully customizing & adjusting the EQ levels to match the acoustics of any size hall (large OR small).  And what is really the point of having “live entertainment” in the first place if your clientele wind up leaving because they either can’t hear their own conversations or their food & drink orders can’t be heard?

# 4 ) STATE-OF-THE-ART EQUIPMENT (WITH OR WITHOUT BACKING TRACKS):   You can always be assured of a reliable performance each and every night from RICK THE SHAKER. This is because RICK THE SHAKER travels with “fully-owned” state-of-the-art equipment (including lighting) that’s been kept in “like new” condition (see “equipment list” provided).  In addition to this, the latest digital technology is used to meticulously produce authentic sounding studio backing tracks (nearly 1000 & counting) that includes various instruments.Everything that is, EXCEPT for the guitar part and lead & background vocals, which are actually performed “LIVE” by yours truly!  Such attention to detail, is what actually gives a “human-like” feel and quality to the songs, which is very essential in being able to convey the sound of a REAL “live” band to an audience.

# 5 ) ABILITY TO PLAY BOTH LARGE & SMALL VENUES:  Full Sound Equipment & Lighting are available for any size venue, and MUSIC Shaker has the incredible versatility to be able to handle playing a wide range of venues.  Starting with the ability to play many of the largest indoor or outdoor stages to places with so small an area that you could never imagine being able to book a DJ let alone a band.  In most cases though, RICK THE SHAKER has what it takes to pull it off, by being able to make adjustments to various space limitations and/or configurations!

# 6 ) COMPACT, QUICK & QUIET:  Effective Setup & Tear down is designed to help minimize any interruption to the normal flow of business traffic that may exist.  This is achieved through years of past experience involving many different situations with regard to staging & sound.  Even the typical set-up is normally completed within’ 30 minutes or less!

# 7 ) 24 HOUR / 7 DAYS A WEEK AVAILABLITY: Rick The Shaker is a “Full Time” Musical Act, that takes the Business of Music as serious as you do.  In other words, you can always count on receiving the highest level of professional service whenever RICK THE SHAKER performs for you.  And since you do have a Full Time Musician at your service, this provides you with even more options when making your entertainment plans for any night of the week!  Bottom line, even though other self-proclaimed “part-time weekend warriors” may promise 
to deliver the same thing, they always somehow end up falling a little short of that mark, due to fact that they have already made a previous commitment of serving two of more masters!

# 8 ) MUSICAL VARIETY:  All variety, all the time!  With nearly 1000 popular songs from which to choose from (and others being produced and added on a weekly basis), this helps to avoid your clientele (and most especially, your regulars) from seeing an exact carbon-copy of a previous engagement.  Even Non-Stop music is available upon request (Pre-recorded music of the same   style(s) in between breaks) at “no additional charge”.

# 9 ) EXPERIENCE YOU CAN COUNT ON:  With over 25 years of “Live” playing at your service, RICK THE SHAKER actually provides you with either a Stripped Down Solo Acoustic OR Full “Live Band” Sound from a Solo Act, by combining cutting-edge technology with the time honored traditions of live performance.  Best of all, there is no dependency on audience participation (a la “karaoke”) to make an evening successful!

# 10 ) FREE BONUS ADVERTISING:  RICK THE SHAKER assists in bringing your establishment to the forefront, by creatively soliciting the attention of Joe Q. Public, and making it known that a performance will be taking place at YOUR location!  As a matter of fact, if you were to hire an outside Ad agency to do the same for you, you would certainly be looking at a price tag much greater than the rate you would have received by simply hiring RICK THE SHAKER!  Even better, this particular service is provided at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!  What kind of advertising you ask?  Great Question!  Here they are:

         · AD PLACEMENT: Prior to performance in either the Palm Beach Post (TGIF) or the Sun-Sentinel (Showtime) and/or City Link newspapers.

         · INTERNET PROMOTION: Performances are publicized via this site and other major social networking venues (ie. Reverb Nation, Facebook, Twitter, ect.)

         · TARGET MARKETING: Direct mailing and/or e-mailing of Monthly Performance Schedule to ALL signed up individuals on RICK THE SHAKER'S mailing list.

Overall, “Entertainment” still remains one of the best investments you can make towards the continued success of your business, through growing a larger clientele base.  In addition to this, entertainment also gives your customers a reason to stay and give patronage to your establishment, and it’s even a Tax-Deductible expense at the end of the year!  Finally with a price tag that provides a far greater savings than the so-called Bargain bands, Karaoke or DJ’s, what are you waiting for?  Pick-up the phone and call RICK THE SHAKER now to reserve your spot on the calendar for you and your patrons!  Please remember that all bookings are handled on a first come – first serve basis, and could potentially be pre-scheduled for several months in advance, so be sure to plan ahead!  In the meantime, I look forward to speaking with you very soon to discuss your entertainment needs.  Although If you wish to contact me first, please feel free to do so anytime day or night at (561) 305-4382 or TheMusicShaker@gmail.com and thank you!